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Krensky S.: Anne Frank

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О товаре

In this biography, discover the incredible story of Anne Frank, the courageous young writer who hid from the Nazis during World War II.

Anne Franks diary is read by children and adults worldwide. It tells two stories: one of an extraordinary young girl living in hiding during one of the most fearsome times in history, and one of a relatable young girl facing the same questions and troubles that kids come up against today. Learn how both sides of this puzzle made up the person who is Anne Frank. Meet her family and friends, explore "The Annex" where they hid, and see her story put in historical context alongside information about World War II and the Holocaust, and Hitler and Nazi Germany.

This new biography series from DK goes beyond the basic facts to tell the true life stories of historys most interesting people. Full-color photographs and hand-drawn illustrations complement age-appropriate text to create an engaging book children will enjoy reading. Plus with definition boxes, information sidebars, inspiring quotes, maps and more this is the one biography series everyone will want to collect. Each book also includes an authors introduction letter, a handy reference section, a glossary, and an index.


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