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Lahlum H.: Chameleon People

Артикул: p6367869

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Chameleon People - фото 1

О товаре

1972. On a cold March morning the weekend peace is broken when a frantic young cyclist rings on Inspector Kolbjorn K2 Kristiansens doorbell, desperate to speak to the detective.

Compelled to help, K2 lets the boy inside, only to discover that he is being pursued by K2s colleagues in the Oslo police. A bloody knife is quickly found in the young mans pocket: a knife that matches the stab wounds of a politician murdered just a few streets away.The evidence seems clear-cut, and the arrest couldnt be easier. But with the suspects identity unknown, and the boy refusing to speak, K2 finds himself far from closing the case. And then there is the question that K2 cant get out of his head: why would a guilty man travel directly to a police detective from the scene of his own brutal crime?


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