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Persaud I.: Love After Love

Артикул: p6260295

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О товаре

'A beautiful book. I adored it.' RICHARD OSMAN

'Full of wit and soul.' TRACY CHEVALIER

'Unforgettable' MARLON JAMES

'It made me ugly cry' JESSIE BURTON


'Spellbinding' ANDRE ACIMAN

Meet the Ramdin-Chetan family: forged through loneliness, broken by secrets, saved by love.

Irrepressible Betty Ramdin, her shy son Solo and their marvellous lodger, Mr Chetan, form an unconventional household. Happy in their differences, they build a home together. Home: the place keeping these three safe from an increasingly dangerous world - until the night when a glass of rum, a heart to heart and a terrible truth explodes the family unit, driving them apart.

Brave and brilliant, steeped in affection, Love After Love offers hope to anyone who has loved and lost and has yet to find their way back.


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