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Kingfisher: Slithering Snakes

Артикул: p6261217

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О товаре

It’s All About... Slithering Snakes tells you everything you want to know about snakes: how they use their senses, which is the most deadly, why snakes shed their skin and so much more!

Packed with all-action photography, the latest bite-size facts, and a bonus audio download, this book has everything a snake-crazed kid could need.

It’s All About... is a collectable series filled with up-to-date stats and facts about a wide range of hot topics, including animals, history, technology and vehicles. Each book comes with a bonus audio download so children can take their book wherever they go, as well as a glossary that’s perfect for teaching and learning.


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    It’s All About
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    138x3 мм
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    0.76 кг

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