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Fleming P.: The Negotiation Coach. Teach Yourself

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О товаре

By the end of this book you will have be ready to lead at a higher level:

Understand your negotiating style

Develop your weaknesses into strengths

Develop plans for key specific negotiations

Focus on results, not effort

Make a positive impact on your business

Other books help you talk the talk. The Teach Yourself Coach books helps you walk the walk.

Who are you?

* Anyone who wants to think more deeply about how they negotiate, to get better results

Where will this book take you?

* You will have new skills and knowledge, and be fully ready to use it in a specific negotiation

How does it work?

* A combination of practical tried-and-tested advice, and unique interactive exercises

When can you do it?

* In your own time, at your own pace

What else do you get?

* Access to free online videos and printable resources

Why Teach Yourself?

* Teach Yourself books are trusted around the world and have helped sixty million people achieve their goals


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