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Max Landsberg: The Tao of Coaching

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О товаре

The essence and success of The Tao of Coaching has always been its focus on the practical tips and techniques for making work more rewarding through the habit of coaching - and this philosophy continues to underpin this brand new reissue.

The books premise is simple: that to become an effective coach, managers and leaders need master only a few techniques, even though mastery obviously requires practice. Each chapter focuses on a specific technique - or Golden Rule - of coaching to help practice make perfect.

Tried and tested by generations within and beyond the workplace, this succinct and engaging book gives readers the tools to:

- create more time for themselves, by delegating well

- build, and enjoy working with, effective teams

- achieve better results

- enhance their interpersonal skills.

It demonstrates that coaching is not simply a matter of helping others and improving performance, but is also a powerful force for self-development and personal fulfilment.


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