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Cosmic religion of Maitreya

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О товаре

Muzaeva, Galina Dordzhievna

Cosmic religion of Maitreya. Moscow: Eksmo, 2020.

The publication tells about the activities of the community "Revival", Bakshi Galina Muzaeva and her disciples.

The contents of the book are records of contacts made with messengers of the Lord of the Universe, Kegshin Tsagan Aawa. In addition to the amazing information about the Cosmos transmitted to the Earth, the way of understanding the secrets of the universe is revealed, and the performance of responsible tasks in order to strengthen ties with Higher Forces is described.

Projects, drawings and diagrams obtained during communication sessions with the space forces over a number of years are presented. These landmarks helped us achieve our goal in many ways.


  • Серия:
    Живой диалог с Космосом
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  • Переплет:
    Твердый (7БЦ)
  • Формат:
    137x207 мм
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    0.72 кг
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