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Great Designs

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О товаре

A lavishly illustrated guide to the history of design, this book showcases more than 100 of the most groundbreaking and important design classics ever created - from the 1860s to the present.

Discover the story of design and its evolution from the industrial revolution to the modern day - from William Morris wallpaper and the Swiss Army Knife to 21st-century icons of design such as the Apple iPad and Philippe Starck’s Masters Chair.

With stunning photography and useful explanatory pull-outs of characteristic features, each entry shows you the numerous ways in which art and engineering have created products that are both functional and beautiful. Comprehensive profiles of each celebrated design explain why each one was created, and who for, and how innovations in technology and materials made its creation possible.

Covering design from the everyday to the avant-garde, and from interior design to furniture, glassware, tableware, textiles, cars, electronics, and graphics, Great Designs is perfect for anyone who loves beautiful objects.


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