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Джек Лондон: The Cruise of the Snark = Путешествие на «Снарке»: на англ.яз

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The Cruise of the Snark = Путешествие на «Снарке»: на англ.яз - фото 1

О товаре

Jack London (1876—1916) was an American novelist, journalist and social activist. Pioneering the genre of magazine fiction and prototyping science fiction, he became one of the first writers, who gained worldwide fame and a large fortune. "The Cruise of the Snark" is an autobiographical novel which describes London's travels through the South Pacifiс on the ship called "Snark." In this journey, his wife and a small crew accompany him. London describes the numerous difficulties during the construction of "Snark" his training in navigation, the acquisition of doctoring experience far from civilization and other details of this adventure.


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