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Welford R.: The Dog Who Saved the World

Артикул: p6129026

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О товаре

When eleven-year-old Georgie befriends an eccentric retired scientist, she becomes the test subject for a thrilling new experiment: a virtual-reality 3D version of the future.But then a deadly disease threatens the life of every dog in the country and Georgie’s beloved dog, Mr Mash, gets sick. And that’s only the start of her troubles.Soon, Georgie and Mr Mash must embark on a desperate quest: to save every dog on earth, and maybe even all of humanity… without actually leaving the room.An extraordinary quest with the biggest stakes of all, and a huge idea at its heart, this is time travel – but not as you know it.


  • Автор:
    Welford R.
  • Серия:
    Bestselling Author of Time Travelling with a Hamster
  • ISBN:
  • Год издания:
  • Количество страниц:
  • Формат:
    129x24 мм
  • Вес:
    0.27 кг

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