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Malkevich V., Mitrofanov I., Ivanov A.: The USSR Foreign trade under N.S. Patolichev. 1958-1985

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The USSR Foreign trade under N.S. Patolichev. 1958-1985 - фото 1
The USSR Foreign trade under N.S. Patolichev. 1958-1985 - фото 2

О товаре

The book is devoted to a man of outstanding personality of the Soviet state — Patolichev Nikolay Semyonovich (1908-1989) - the Minister of Foreign Trade of the USSR from 1958 to 1985. During this period under his direction a powerful complex for foreign economic activities was formed, which played an exclusive role in the development of industry, energy, transport, agriculture and meeting the demands of the population. Thus, that was quite an outstanding period in the Russian Foreign Trade history. .The authors of the book for many years have been engaged in the system of foreign economic relations, participated in or continued undertakings of N.S. Patolichev. .Vladislav Leonidovich Malkevich, the General Director of the Central Exhibition Complex "Expo-centre", used to work in the Ministry of Foreign Trade of the USSR (MFT) as a member of the Board (the Chief of Engineering and Technology Department), the Deputy Minister, the First Deputy Minister, the President of the Chamber of Commerce of the USSR. .Igor Leonidovich Mitrofanov in 1980— 1990s was engaged in scientific researches in the field of foreign trade, and then was the Chief of the General Directorate of the government regulation of foreign trade activity, the First Deputy Minister of Trade of the Russian Federation. .Alexander Sergeyevich Ivanov having graduated from the Moscow Institute of International Relations has devoted all his life to the development of foreign economic relations of the USSR and Russia, worked under the direction of N.S. Patolichev from the first days of his stay in the Ministry and now continues working in the field of foreign trade research in the All-Russian Market Research Institute. .The work presented to the reader is based on the archive of N.S. Patolichev, the memories of his daughter N.N. Trubitsina-Patolicheva, his colleagues and contemporaries. The authors tell of what was done by N.S. Patolichev and with his support, about the invaluable experience of building up and developing foreign trade, about the new standarts created in those years which are still being effected. After having read the book, the reader would acquaint himself with the rewarding experience of those years, which is highly important for today's participants of foreign economic activities. . .The Patolichevs express their deep appreciation to V.L. Malkevich for taking the initiative to write the book and for arranging its publication. . .For the first time the book was published by the Society of Maintenance of Literary Heritage (Moscow) in Russian in 2010. . .Published with financial support of the Central Exhibition Complex "EXPOCENTRE" and Joined Stock Bank "PERESVET"


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    Malkevich V., Mitrofanov I., Ivanov A.
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