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Ghelfi, Brent: Volks Game

Артикул: p6260361

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Volks Game - фото 1

О товаре

Two men are massacred in an expensive Moscow bar. But the bullets miss their target: Alexei Volkovoy - Volk for short. Hes a deadly, battle-hardened veteran of Russias brutal war in Chechnya, and he serves two masters: Maxim, a psychotic mafia kingpin; and a military man known only as the General. By his side is Valya, an exotic beauty and the most dangerous weapon in Volks arsenal. Together they are commissioned to steal a long-lost masterpiece from St Petersburgs Hermitage Museum. Volk must choose which powerful man he will betray in order to escape with the painting and with his life. Volks Game announces Alexei Volkovoy as the boldest, most unforgettable hero of a new generation.


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